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Become a Piscataway Firefighter

Professionally staffed by volunteers

– Can join starting at 16 years old
– Learn life saving and leadership skills
– Coolest thing you can do legally
– Help protect Piscataway

When emailing us please include your Full Name, Phone Number and Street Address.

Anyone can join Holmes Marshall Fire Company. You must be at least 16 years old. You can either fill in the information at the bottom or email us at You can also stop by the firehouse any Tuesdays around 6:00pm.
As a member of the fire company, you will receive the following benefits
  • Fire Gear, Uniform, and Apparel

  • Top-notch In-House and State Training

  • Comprehensive Initial and Annual Medical Physical Examination and SCBA Mask Fit Test

  • LOSAP-Length of Service Award benefit (Retirement fund)

  • End of the year stipend if you make 15% of fire calls (Only Certify Firefighters get this)

  • Gym membership reimbursement (Certify Firefighter that make 15% of fire calls)

  • Access to the fire company hall rental for a discounted price

  • Leadership Skills

  • Lifesaving skills

  • Self Confidence

  • Second Family

Different types of Memberships
Cadet Member– A person who is between the ages of 16 and 17 years old. You will be issued gear like anyone else. Our Cadet members are taught self-confidence, leadership, discipline, respect, responsibility and firefighter skills. You are allowed to help the firefighters with equipment and partake in training with them. You can also go on fire calls.
Probationary Member– A individual who is over 18 years old. Has not gone to or finish fire academy. This member can help check equipment, go on fire calls and partake in training. Once you get your firefighter 1 certificate you will then become an active member.
Active Member– A member who is a certify firefighter in the company.
As a volunteer fire company everyone has a career outside of the fire house. That’s the beauty of it. You can still do the job you love and be a firefighter when you get home. 
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